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Here you’ll find  tools and guidance to make our way through this challenging time, together. We’ll post our favorite research and proven practices to make this shift as seamless and productive as possible. We’ll update frequently to support your shift to remote and virtual work.

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If you need individual support, specific ideas or strategies for getting remote work going, OR, if you just need a place to talk and find support as a leader right now, this is for you. Email Jen, jen@thriveatworkteam.com to sign up. We’re offering two (30 min.) sessions each weekday for at least a month.


Our articles, insights, and ideas to help you thrive remotely

Leaders don’t give up. We know working remotely is hard Tips to help leaders keep their teams together and learning

Are you tired of Zoom? Switch it up. Tips to help you keep meetings and connections engaging and effective

The art of remote etiquette. How teams can come to agreement on etiquette expectations

The remote meetings advantage  These are the advantages of virtual meetings

How do I do this? 5 guideposts for leaders as we figure out how to lead now

A checklist to get aligned for remote and virtual work.  Teams need to get the sociology right to get the most from the technology. These steps, tips, and technologies can help you get aligned. 

How to lead awesome remote meetings: Tips and guidelines to plan, facilitate, and follow up on remote meetings that work

Be a great virtual meeting participant: How to be a “gold star” meeting contributor

A Path Method: A practical, question-based way to organize any kind of uncertainty, personally and as a team

Thrive at home: Some handy tips for taking care of our families during a pandemic

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Making Hard Decisions.  In this video, we share some quick tips on ways to help leaders make those types of decisions.

How to Run a Virtual Planning or Brainstorming Meeting  Here are our tips on using video and a collaboration platform (Trello) to make these meetings just as effective as an in-person meeting.     

How to Stay in Sync with Virtual Huddles. In this video we share our tips on ways to use your virtual tools, like real time chat (Slack, Skype, Hangouts, Text, etc) to keep everyone in sync and aligned on a daily basis.

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