Newly Updated for Virtual Teams: A survey and roadmap that leverages the unique power of your team and culture

What does Thrive Culture Mapping deliver?

Your team culture = how people feel and what they believe + how everyone acts. Thrive Mapping creates a clear picture of your team and organizational culture and delivers a roadmap with actionable strategies to develop the culture, leadership and performance you want. It compares espoused and lived values and ranks behaviors and attitudes along 7 dimensions of a thriving team; Belonging, Purpose, Learning, Courage Teamwork, Leadership and Well-Being.

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How do you know Thrive Culture Mapping is right for you?

“We keep taking surveys and we see little growth in our culture, leadership and performance.”

“Leaders are working hard to improve culture and team performance, but we aren’t sure if they are the right things.”

“We need a better picture of what is and is not working in our culture.”

“We don't think people take our values seriously.”

“We don't get the kind of honest responses of actionable strategies we need.”

How does it work?

1. Custom design

We meet with you to make sure the questions are right for your team in language that makes sense to them.

2. Survey

Participants take the survey by rating 40 dimension items, ranking priorities, ranking values and answering open questions.

3. Sense making

The Thrive Team organizes the data into analysis and strategies.

4. Roadmap

Building the plan of next steps based on the report.

5. Support

Coaching, workshops and progress trending.

Why 7 dimensions?

We have applied the best practices and latest research on organizational development, leadership, teaming, neuroscience and psychology to define the dimensions and items assessed. We also use our proven experience and practice in working with the best and worst teams in every size organization.

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What is the Thrive Culture Mapping difference?

  • We measure the behaviors, attitudes, values and mindsets that shape how people perform together – not just how the organization is performing for people
  • The expert prepared report gives actionable strategies designed for the uniqueness of your organization and its culture
  • Participants shape priorities and contribute to strategies
  • The process and outcomes are strengths based and learning focused
  • Because culture is truly unique to every organization (like a fingerprint is unique to each person) we make sure your focus is on your own continuous improvement
  • Clients are surprised by the depth of information the process delivers
  • Just doing the survey, people develop a sharper and deeper sense of what makes for good team and organizational culture
  • We provide the expertise and guidance to support any work the organization wants to take forward

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