The Power of Learning Questions

By August 17, 2017Leadership, Learning, Teams

The most applicable, useful and sustainable learning is question based learning. This is learning that is inspired and organized by the natural evolution of people’s questions.

When people learn how to form and act from their learning questions, they are intrinsically motivated to learn. Learning becomes a natural driver of sustainable performance improvement. When people are continuously learning, they work with a growth mindset. Teams and organizations only grow when people work with a growth mindset. Our best people begin their job search on LinkedIn as soon as it’s clear they can no longer learn.

Learning questions can focus on new levels of work-related knowledge, skills, abilities or qualities. They can address anything people want to get better at, make easier to do or have more impact in. They can take on many forms:

  • How can I…?
  • What would it look like to…?
  • How many ways are there to…?
  • What are best ways to…?
  • What do I need to know about…?
  • What don’t I know about…?

It takes very little time to teach people how to translate their work experiences, feedback and outcomes into new learning questions.

We make formal learning more relevant and useful by basing on people’s learning questions. We make collaborative learning spaces and learning marketplaces more dynamic and useful when people know how to share their learning questions and support these with new insights, supports and resources.

When people work with learning questions, they work with passion. Their potential becomes unlimited.

Written by Thrive at Work Parter, Jack Ricchiuto


About Jack

In my late twenties I had the good fortune to have mentors who were practice leaders in what was then called the Human Potentials Movement. They inspired me to help organizations and communities realize their potential in ways they never imagined. It became clear this was the core gift that would shape the past 40 years.