Watch: A Conversation With the Author| Jack Ricchiuto on “Simple Listening”

We are so excited for Jack Ricchiuto’s new book, Simple Listening. We sat down with our Thrive at Work Co-Founder to learn more about his new work, the concept behind Simple Listening, and how it can apply to our every day lives.

Simple Listening invites us into the possibility that our world needs understanding more than ever. Everything good that has ever come about has come about through understanding. Understanding brings out our best lunches, happy hours and parties 

During this 15 minute (or so) conversation you will learn:

  1. Why listening is so important now, and why we need to be better at it (00:35)
  2. The four types of listening (5:01)
  3. How to use imagination to create understanding (8:15)
  4. How you can apply Simple Listening in your every day life to grow relationships and trust (10:30)

Purchase Simple Listening Here

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