Relentless Learning

Leaders and teams can grow faster, increase engagement, and keep up with change without time consuming professional development activities. We teach how to learn through experience and identify where learning shows day to day. Teams that thrive focus on individual growth, support the growth of each other, and have leaders who lead the shift to a learning culture. Here’s what we teach:
  • Grow Your Mindset: Expand your beliefs about what you think you can learn and find the opportunities to grow using a growth mindset.
  • The Curious Learner: Harness the power of learning questions to support self-directed and shared learning.
  • Opt-in Learning Feedback: Share feedback and critique that people value and appreciate because they request and use it.
  • Shared Learning: Scale learning by networking, pairing up with others, building communities of learning, coaching, asking more questions, discovering insights known to others.
  • Just Try It: Build practices and habits of experimenting that speed up learning by trying new things that make work faster, better and easier.
  • Teacher as Storyteller: Integrate storytelling into your work to connect, inspire and teach.
  • Make It A Habit: Turn new skills into everyday learning habits.

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