Putting Inclusion to Work: The “How” for Meetings

By October 9, 2018Inclusion, Leadership, Teams

Meetings are unique opportunities for the practice of inclusion. Inclusion happens when people are engaged in a sense of belonging, connection and collaboration. People are smarter and more aligned than ever.

There are countless ways to make inclusion in meetings possible. Here are three.

Align in questions

As the meeting begins and progresses, we encourage people to raise any kinds of questions they can. Everyone can have questions. They level the playing field between people with different levels of knowledge and opinions. They keep conversions focused, engaging and realistic.

Value and build on ideas

We ask people to say what they like about ideas that come up and build on them. This shifts the attitude from competition to shared creativity. People feel valued when others value their ideas and use them to progress the process to the evolution of possibilities, solutions and approaches.

Invite collaboration

When people agree to take initiative with actions, we invite others to join them. Collaborative action adds to the quality and velocity of outcomes. It also creates new opportunities for learning which benefits everyone in the immediate and long term.

Meetings don’t need to be toxic spaces where people feel left out, disregarded and unvalued. They can accessible and useful ways to engage everyone’s strengths and passions.


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In my late twenties I had the good fortune to have mentors who were practice leaders in what was then called the Human Potentials Movement. They inspired me to help organizations and communities realize their potential in ways they never imagined. It became clear this was the core gift that would shape the past 40 years.