People do their best when they do work that matters. We help leaders and teams connect their strengths and passions to their daily work, discover what motivates and inspires them and design the kind of impacts they most want to make through their work. When people are connected to their sense of purpose, they are empowered, proactive, committed, energized and resilient through challenges.
  • Core Impact: Get clear on what you do, where you’re going and why it matters with an impact narrative that gets your team working from the same story of what makes what you do meaningful over time. Make your vision, mission and values inclusive and inspiring.
  • Tap Into Strengths: Using real stories and experiences instead of assessments, learn how to identify and leverage personal and shared strengths to grow and perform at higher levels, work every day with more passion and meaning and accelerate the growth of new strengths.
  • Beyond Purpose Retreat and Coaching: No one else has exactly what you have to give to your world. This 3-day retreat we use our 8 layer Beyond Purpose approach to help you identify your “core gift” so you can: make decisions more easily, trusting yourself, set purpose driven goals to get after what really matters, stay focused and see the right opportunities as they come up, feel “lit up”, confident and authentic in your work and life, and understand the difference you make in your world, beyond yourself. This retreat is designed for leadership teams, leadership development cohorts and can be delivered in an individual coaching format as well.

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