Our 2021 Holiday Gift From Thrive to You

By December 20, 2021Well-Being

Well Wishes This Holiday Season

No matter what this year was like for you, we wish you rest, light, and hope this holiday season. Regardless of what 2022 holds, we’ll be right here with you, leaders, rolling up our sleeves together, as we keep working toward the progress we want to see, especially when it’s hard.

Please enjoy a gift from Thrive to you! Here’s our downloadable gift guide with our 2021 recommendations from what to read, watch, listen to, cook, and try for wellbeing going forward.


Jen, Evan & Jack

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  • Grant says:

    Thanks, y’all! Sounds like you’re all staying fairly well-informed, from batman to evolutionary biology. “Batboy Found in Cave” (news at 11)

    So, your gift is a gift guide? Is that right? Interesting…! And thank you again!

    I hope we get more opportunities to engage with each other.


    • thriveatwork1 says:

      Thanks, Grant. Hope you’re well and yes, looking forward to future opportunities as well. Cheers!