Learning on the Run

How we do it

People need to learn quickly, when and where they need it.

In a strong learning culture and environment, the prime source of learning is work, followed by learning in communities of peers and experts, and then programs and courses. We help teams create a learning culture by teaching them how to develop and leverage growth mindsets, and build habits of curiosity, reflection, feedback, experimenting, connecting, and sharing.

Why it’s important?

  • Make work a prime source of learning
  • Build a learning culture
  • Boost innovation and creativity
  • Rethink existing training programs
  • Empower learners to own their growth
  • Help leaders support learning

Learning Faster, Working Smarter and Innovating Bigger in Healthcare

Client Story

This global health care system leader decided to take caregiver and leader learning to new levels through the latest in social technology tools. They understand that “if you build it, they will come” only if people learn the habits of self-directed and social learning. In a variety of worksessions, we help build learning communities that makes learning intrinsic to work and energized by the leader storytelling we support.

“You helped us understand, generate awareness and taught us how to co-create organization related topics currently being “Innovation”. The measurable outcome is to see for the first trial of launching we generated 20 or so new innovative ideas for the growth of our company.”

– Anjali Patel, Technoform Bautec North America

Leveraging in the Inner Game of Growth

Client Story

Creating consistency in culture and performance across a network of independent companies is a challenge for this national talent company. We worked with them to create a strong culture of learning habits that support performance alignment in the business lines that impact their profitability and growth.

“I think the “growing ideas” method of brainstorming is one of the best things about your team. Using that to get the energy flowing in the right direction sets up meetings with positivity.”

– Luke Jespersen – Process Engineer, Technoform North America

Kick Starting a Culture of Innovation

Client Story

This commercial construction product company is committed to innovation across all dimensions of its business. This commitment only translates into action when people have the right habits to support it. In focused worksessions with US employees and leaders, we unleashed progress towards new levels of innovation.

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