Introducing “Connect on Purpose”- A Workshop and Guide to Grow Team Connection

Jen Margolis explains Connect on Purpose

The quality and speed of our work is only as good as the connections we have with our teammates. That’s real. We’ve seen it, lived it, know it. Now that it’s become clear remote work is here to stay, we’ve been hearing an important question from teams we work with: 

How do we stay connected as a team? Even more important, how do we grow our connections and fuel our team culture as we work remotely? 

We heard you, and we’re excited to introduce Connect on Purpose, a 1.5 hour workshop and curated quick-guide packed with 38 of the best ideas that we’ve created and pulled from what we’ve seen and read over the past couple of years as we’ve worked with remote teams. 

How does the Connect on Purpose workshop work? 

1. Gather an intact team, or a group of leaders who want to learn together and take practical strategies and ideas back to their teams 

2. We’ll get on Zoom and start by figuring out what kinds of connections and activities are most meaningful and valued on your teams (both before the pandemic and now) and then build a plan with you to start connecting on purpose

3.We’ll teach you strategies, ideas and activities you can go back and try immediately including the three kinds of connections you need to thrive remotely: 

-Quick 5-10 minute connections in team meetings and huddles 

-Offline connection activities that happen over time to show appreciation and deepen understanding of each other 

-Virtual social events, just for fun, to kick back with the team when you need it (happy hour ideas, games, lunch and learns, virtual field trips, concerts etc.) 

Connecting remotely won’t ever feel the same as connecting in person, AND we there is so much we can do. We’ll teach you how. 

Ready to connect on purpose with your team?

Get in touch with Jen to learn more about the Connect on Purpose workshop and curated quick-guide.

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Jen Margolis

About Jen Margolis

My passion is helping people find and use their strengths to move toward their biggest vision. My career began as a community organizer with refugees and grew to designing and facilitating programs for international professionals including grassroots women leaders in Egypt. These experiences led me to management consulting focusing on strategic planning, leadership development, community and education based program development and executive coaching.