Conversations That Matter in the Pandemic Pivot

By March 9, 2022Learning
conversations that matter

Taking Stock of Where We Are

For those of us working in health care, the pandemic continues to be a wild ride that has outstayed its unwelcome. We don’t even know what wave of burnout we’re in. Who knew exhaustion could come in so many layers: physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, and the exhaustion of being exhausted. We have scars of unhealed grief from so many losses: patients, colleagues, families, and friends.

Learnings Going Forward

It’s time to start drawing lessons learned so far from the pandemic so we can use these lessons to pivot into the next phases supported by this learning. The pandemic so far has been–and will continue to be–a massive series of experiments that have the power to provide important learnings going forward.

Conversations that Matter

This vital learning can take the form of mid-mortem conversations that matter. These are conversations around a handful of powerful questions:

  • What did we learn from this traumatic time?
  • What strengths and values got us through?
  • What strengths did we discover we had we didn’t even know we had?
  • What are we grateful for?
  • What new resolves are we coming out of this with?

These are the kinds of questions that can be addressed by every team in the organization. If we learned anything, it’s that we can turn crises and challenges into opportunities to be smarter and better together. This requires intentional engagement in a pandemic mid-mortem — even, and especially when a definitive end is unclear.

Pivoting to Deeper Community

These questions build community and agency, paramount to the healing and prevention of burnout. This is a pivot to deeper levels of community and agency.

Eager to Talk Through These Ideas?

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