Connecting and Inclusive

These work sessions help leaders create a sense of belonging, trust, alignment and transparency by teaching new and simple techniques. We focus on ways conversations, meetings and stories can be leveraged and shaped to create more meaning while producing better outcomes. Learn how to create team agreements and use collaborative technology to reduce disconnects brought on by assumptions and ineffective processes. We teach:
  • The Connecting Power of Story: Unleash the power of stories that inspire, connect and teach.
  • Alignment Through Agreements: Learn how working by shared expectations rather than assumptions grows a culture of trust which is vital because teams move at the speed of trust.
  • Connecting Conversations: Get your people feeling heard, valued and connected through everyday conversations.
  • High Engagement Meetings: Reinvent how you design and manage agendas, status reports and group work to get more done and create more focus, belonging and inclusion.
  • Social Online Collaboration: Watch your email decrease as you learn the most effective ways of using social technology to share, communicate, learn and work especially when you can’t be all in one place all the time.
  • Aligned Decisions: Learn how to optimize the advantages and disadvantages of opposing strategies to get everyone on the same side of the table.

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