Agile and Innovative

The next breakthrough idea comes from teams that know how to get creative and work consistently toward a shared future every day. Our strategic doing work sessions focus on planning inclusively, leveraging the power of questions to dream together, navigate uncertainties, and move people from talk to action. Our creative innovation sessions teach leaders and teams new habits and tools to generate more good ideas, make good ideas into great ideas and test them out.
Strategic Doing

Learn a simple process to plan and organize anything from entire strategic plans, large-scale initiatives to small team projects. It works for any size or scale of planning and design. The Agile Canvas is made up of four conversations: Dreaming, Clarity, Gifts and Doing that:

  • Effectively address uncertainties, concerns, risks, and unknowns using the right questions at the right time.
  • Engage a group of any size in a strengths based methodology rooted in dreaming together.
  • Engage the strengths and assets of individuals, teams, and organizations and;
  • Create action day-to-day by applying global best practices of agile project management and social technology.
Creative Innovation

Learn new ways to engage more of your team  in generating new ideas and experimenting with them to create new innovations. People feel more confident using practical tools and approaches to get more creative in their everyday work, collaborate around ideas to make them better, and bring innovations to life. Work sessions focus on:

  • Sparking Creativity: Learn the latest strategies to integrate creative thinking into your work.
  • Growing Ideas: Take good ideas and make them great as you empower your team’s best thinking together.
  • Design by Experiment: Use small experiments to make work faster, better and easier.

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