Virtual Common Spaces

How do we communicate and collaborate?Bringing the sociology to the technology of virtual common spaces

Teams become unstoppable when they can work with high levels of initiative, transparency and collaboration. Communication is smooth and coordination is seamless. With easy to use and real time tools, teams work  with velocity and alignment.  Our process helps teams co-create communities and ways of communicating together.

When are Virtual Common Spaces Used?

Reducing the amount of email and meetings
Being in sync with each other and with leadership
Quickly working through uncertainties together
Increasing the speed of work and learning
Create more transparency in work

What Can the Virtual Common Spaces Deliver?

Increased team alignment and velocity
More dots connected and minimal balls dropped
Culture of proactivity  and resilience
The team is more self-organizing
Higher levels of team trust and trustworthiness
Better and faster decision making
Quality and efficiency consistencies
Stronger engagement of everyone’s strengths and passions
Learning that is just in time and just enough

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