Thrive Mind Sessions

In 6 mindful sessions we’ll guide you through building your own mindfulness and meditation practice to grow a clear, calm, mind. We start with the basics of what it means to be mindful and meditate and move into 12 ways to practice. In each session we work from your questions as we introduce some science, a new practice and ways to apply it in your everyday life. Once you get the hang of each practice, you can adapt them to fit in with your life into daily rituals that help you live with the kind of focus and energy that works for you.

We welcome everyone from beginners to people who would like to refresh or expand their practice.

Details:7:30-9:00pm Thursdays

Harness Cycle Hingetown Loft$25/ per class

Contact Jen Margolis: jen@thriveatworkteam.com to sign up


The practices we’ll learn together:

Week 1: Breathing and Body Scanning; learn the basic mindfulness and meditation practices of breath and body awareness

Week 2: Walking and Eating; fuel your well-being by using simple practices of walking and eating to bring more presence into daily moments

Week 3: Thoughts and Emotions; learn the practice of noticing patterns and shifts of your thoughts and emotions to find more choice in how you experience them.

Week 4: Senses and Conversations; learn to use your senses as a way into your mindfulness or meditation practice and how to become more responsive and less reactive in daily conversations

Week 5: Body Energy and Mindful Tasks; learn how to pay attention to shifts in your physical body energy and to turn any task into a practice of full presence

Week 6: Loving Kindness and Personal Rituals; Experience the beautiful practice of loving kindness as a way to bring more compassion into even the most difficult relationships and we’ll wrap up our series by creating our own personal mindfulness rituals


When we become more mindful, we…

Live more intentionally in each moment

Find more focusIncrease attention and concentration

Notice what’s new and different in our world

Grow patience

Lower stress

Become resilient through hard moments and events

Enjoy what’s available to enjoy

Boost mood

Tap into creativity

Become fully engaged in whatever we’re doing

Live with more curiosity and awe



About Jen Margolis and Jack Ricchiuto

We’ve been teaching and working together for the last twelve years. One of our shared passions is mindfulness and we’re thrilled to bring easy ways to learn and live mindfully to our community through our ThriveMind sessions. Our approach to mindfulness is inspired by neuroscience research, Zen and yoga practices. We teach the intersection of mindfulness and meditation which allows people to flexibly practice in everyday moments. When we’re not teaching mindfulness, we help people thrive at work, growing healthy, inclusive workplace cultures, strategies and leaders around the country with our partner Evan Ishida. www.thriveatworkteam.com