Once Upon A Time

Animating the Power of Stories The right stories told well are the most powerful media for creating new levels of inspiration and connection in our lives and work. We create every story we have and tell. Experience doesn’t automatically organize itself in narratives. Narratives are created rather than discovered. We author the stories that inspire […]


Making work a prime source of learning

Our work can be a prime source of learning and growth. We can learn from everything we do in our work. Learning from our work has several benefits: • Building a strong learning culture • Creating and sustaining growth mindsets • Making resilience more possible • Cultivating engagement and connection • Balancing responsive and proactive […]

Purpose Cup

Putting Purpose To Work

The article I read in HBR this summer that really got me jazzed is this one about creating a purpose driven organization, the one on the cover of the latest edition. In it Robert Quinn and Anjan Thakor lay out why purpose in organizations is so important and what it can actually make possible. Helping […]


5 ways to optimize meeting engagement

There is an art to making everyone feel valued in meetings: valued for their questions, ideas, perspectives and commitments. Here are 5 easy ways to make any meeting a high engagement meeting. Invite people to contribute to the agenda so there is relevance for their engagement Have everyone record their own contributions on paper or virtual note […]


The Truth About Strengths

One of the defining characteristics of our work is that we focus on strengths. Several realities shape this bias. Scores of studies and meta-studies indicate that teams focusing on strengths far outperform and outlast those that instead focus on deficiencies. There is no research supporting the efficacy of a weakness based model. In our own […]