Essential Why Retreat

April 20-22, 2018

“What am I supposed to do with my life?”

“What’s next for me?” and “How do I even go about getting there?”

“Given everything I’ve done in my life, and all of my experiences and talents so far, what’s the best way to use it for good in the world?”

If these questions resonate with you, join us for this transformational retreat.

You have a deep “why”. Your why is there to guide and inspire the choices you make and the way you show up in your world. It’s there to move you toward your dreams and keep you focused in uncertain times.

Find out what your life has to tell you about why it deeply matters. Learn simple and effective ways to grow so you can:

Live from your strengths
Move toward your passions
Stand firmly in what matters most to you
Refresh your beliefs and mindsets
Be supported by your wisdom
Find your home in the world
Share your deepest contributions

In this 3-day richly layered experience we invite you into a like spirited community to know who you truly are and bring your essential why into your world. What would you do if you lived from your “essential why”?

Essential Why Facilitators: Jen Margolis and Jack Ricchiuto

We’ve been working together helping people, communities and organizations create new possibilities in their worlds for the last twelve years. We spend most of our days along with our partner Evan Ishida, helping teams thrive at work through our company ( The Essential Why Retreat combines our collective experience and passion coaching and facilitating growth with individuals and teams along with teaching and practicing mindfulness. We’re so excited to bring this transformative experience to life expanding the impact we’ve seen to be so magical with the people we work with. When we start living from a place of centered why, we find more ways everyday to show up and contribute to our worlds at our best.


Essential Why takes place over 3 days (Friday-Sunday). We start first thing on Friday morning and finish mid-afternoon on Sunday. Our days will be full and we will also share evening activities. There’s no need to prepare anything beforehand, come as you are with an open mind and an open heart. We have 12 openings available for this retreat.


We’ll be hosting Essential Why in partnership with Lake Erie Institute. We’ll meet in LEI’s new cottage nestled in the beautiful natural surroundings of Gates Mills, (1744 Sudbury Rd.).


Friday 9:30a – 5:30p

Saturday Optional yoga or meditation 8-9am/ retreat from 9:30a – 5:30p

Dinner in the area following

Sunday Optional yoga or meditation 8-9am / retreat from 9:30a – 1:00p

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move and shoes that are easy to walk in nature
A journal and a pen


Pricing: $750

Includes: light breakfast every morning, lunch and snacks

*group dinner Saturday night paid individually

We have two scholarships available on an as needed basis. Please contact us for more details.

Essential Why Three days:

The Essential Why Retreat weaves together the following conversations and experiences as we dive into the heart of your why.

Opening Invitation

We’ll open our time together setting up the experience and connecting around our intentions.  

What does our life have to tell us?

Explore the significant experiences, learning and messages that have shaped us so far.

Signature Strengths

Uncover or refresh your signature strengths through stories and experiences. Learn how your strengths are the first path into your why and how to use your strengths in everyday moments.

Core Passions

Take a fresh look at what lights you up and your deep curiosities. We’ll start to connect your passions with your strengths as we continue into the layers of your why.

What Matters Most

Identify the areas of your life that matter most. We’ll talk about our beliefs and values and the impact they create in our world, for ourselves and  the people we care about.  


Understand your key mindsets and approaches to important interactions and situations that arise in your life. Connect with how you want to craft your experience to suffering and healing.

Your Why

Here’s where we put the pieces together and get to the unique contributions you want to make possible in your world.


Given where you’ve been and what you most want to make possible through your essential why, we’ll talk about what it means to belong, who your people are and the connections you most want to create.


Tap into intuition as a way of sense making that supports how we use our why to guide us in everyday living.

Nourish Your Why

Create simple, powerful rituals to bring to life habits of supporting and growing your connection to your why.


We’ll wrap up our experience together through a connecting ritual and shared gratitude.