The Agile Canvas

What future do we want to create?Planning with The Agile Canvas

A team planning process that is continuously inspired, realistic, engaging and responsive. It is energized and organized by iterations of four conversations and new questions. We keep the plan up to date every two quarters as we change our world and it changes us. We engage as many people as possible  so they support what they help create.

When is the Agile Canvas Used?

Strategic Planning
Strategic Plan Implementation & Roll Out
Managing Projects
Operational Planning
Team Planning

What Can the Agile Canvas Deliver?

Strategic plan with a long term view that inspires short term actions
An action plan and assignments to drive activity toward 2 quarter projects
Engagement, excitement and alignment by those involved
An inventory of team strengths, assets, resources and relationships
A collaborative methodology using available tech to sustain and organize the process (updated every 2 quarters)
Team alignment around what will be accomplished and when

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The Agile Canvas

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