Team Retreats


What it is:

Team retreats create unique spaces where people can do significant work together. They can span one or more days. They engage people in efforts that require concentrated collaborative time together. Three common kinds of retreats include:

Team Refresh Retreats

Work teams and communities refresh their focus and build a culture of confidence and trust through work on their individual and shared Why, culture and performance Agile Canvases and their team agreements.

Executive Team Retreats

Executive leadership teams develop their alignments in order to support and accelerate organizational strategy and growth. They sharpen their Why and Canvas better connections between and among their functions.

Board Development Retreats

Through asset mapping, resource network building and refining their shared Why and agreements, boards take their performance and loyalty to new levels in order to grow the organization’s strategic commitments.

How it’s different:

Our retreats are carefully designed for optimum engagement and productivity.  We use a variety of facilitation structures shaped to the intentions of the process. These include The Agile Canvas, Open Space, World Cafe, QuestionStorming and Growing Ideas.

Why it matters:

Every team needs to take extended, intensive time away to dive into an effort that matters to their thriving as a team. The continuity of time gives more breadth and depth to the effort. Without distractions and interruptions, the group can connect for richer collaborations.

How it works:

We start with a design session that outlines all details of the retreat success metrics, participants, agenda boundaries, organizing questions, resources, invitations and follow-up commitments. We make any context resources available and pay equal attention to the quality of connections and outcomes.


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