How we do it

Teams move at the speed of trust.

In a trust-based team culture, people are connected, valued and free to do their best. The focus of our work with teams and leaders is learning to communicate in ways that build confidence and bring out the best in each other. When your team culture is thriving you’re ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

Through work sessions and leadership coaching, teams learn how to:

  • Create a shared sense of purpose and meaning in work
  • Intentionally work from people’s strengths and passions
  • Connect with the team’s shared values; what matters most
  • Work by agreements rather than assumptions
  • Stay in sync in everyday work flow and expectations
  • Use social technologies to transparently connect and collaborate
  • Cultivate conditions for belonging and psychological safety

Why it’s important

  • Refresh or refocus a strong team
  • Set up a strong foundation for a new team
  • Reboot a struggling team

Harnessing the Power of Alignment

Client Story

This growing small business in the personal fitness and wellness space needed to develop its leaders and leadership to make growth focused, smooth, flexible and sustainable. Leveraging coaching on their aligned and personal whys and Agile Canvases, the team built capacity for a balanced blend of strategic pathways that engage everyone’s passions and strengths.

“We invited the Thrive at Work team of Jack Ricchiuto, Jen Margolis and Evan Ishida to our retreat. The Paytime culture, built around trust and togetherness, is all about ensuring employee and client happiness. We looked to the Thrive at Work team to help foster our culture with a strategy around relationship building. They were well prepared, thoughtful and engaging. The presentation brought awareness to our staff’s own strengths as well as their peers. Our employees raved about their thought provoking experience and asked for more! Thank you Thrive at Work. We look forward to seeing you again.”

– Chris Lovell, Paytime

Spicing up Leadership with Storytelling

Client Story

This global giant in the consumer food space is always looking for new ways to make leadership about power through personal connection. Because storytelling is the most impactful way to make this possible, they committed to teaching the art and science of storytelling to every new leader cohort. We continue to bring this unique skillset to their leaders.

“Thrive helped us to launch our cultural journey by helping us to create a highly engaging culture workshop which has been rolled out to approximately 450 leaders. These sessions created space for our leadership to reflect on our journey and discuss what it will take to move us forward. The sessions created a tremendous amount of energy and each leader made a personal commitment that they are working on as they cascade the messages to their teams.”

– Cindy Fisher, Diversified Manufacturing Company

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