Team Foundations


What it is:

Culture is everything. When your team is ready to hit the culture re-boot or refresh button, it’s time for Team Foundations. We facilitate five experiences that grow new ways of connecting and working together while building habits of belonging, learning, purpose, courage and energy. We show you how to use what you have to grow the team culture you want.

Why it matters:

When people feel connected to each other, free to be at their best and valued… you’ve got great team culture. Great team culture drives great results: productivity, creativity, engagement, focus, wellness and bottom line impact. No team can afford to ignore culture.

How it’s different:

Engagement surveys, communication task forces, and fun Fridays only take you so far. Team Foundations kick starts culture by focusing on root cause habits, connecting to the heart of “why”, creating an action driven plan, and supporting the team with agreements and social technology.

How it works:

We start with a work session to confirm our big picture goals, timelines, participation, success metrics, communication and identify the core team to guide the process, we dive into five team experiences described below. Simultaneously, we coach leaders to support our work together.  

Thrive Culture Mapping

Teams perform at new levels when they develop habits of thriving culture. Thrive mapping identifies the habits of thriving that support an environment of belonging, learning, purpose, courage and energy. Teams assess themselves as individuals and as a team in the 82 habits of thriving team cultures. The result is  a roadmap to grow habits that leverage team strengths and passions.

Working With Why

In this session, teams connect to their “why”: strengths and passions, what matters most and dreams both as individuals and as a team. When teams work from a clear, compelling why they tap into their internal motivation to do work that matters. Working from why helps teams act proactively with focus and courage, take more initiative, become more resilient and get inspired by new challenges.

The Agile Culture Canvas

To grow a thriving culture, you need the right plan. We work with your team using our agile canvas planning process to develop a “culture canvas”, your action based approach to building the culture your team needs to create the impact your team wants. The canvas uses four conversations to move from dreams to action. It’s connecting, empowering, focused and inclusive.

Team Agreements

We teach teams to work together from mutual agreements rather than assumptions. Working by agreement boosts trust is high limits tensions. When trust is high, people show up with strengths, creativity and genuine care for each other. In this work session, teams learn how to craft, test and engage agreements around how they communicate, organize and act from their shared values.

Social Technology

Become smarter, faster and better together with new tools. Teams become more productive when they aren’t bogged down by email and too many meetings. When they have apps that can support instant and ongoing alignment, they connect, learn and perform with more velocity than ever.


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