How will we work together?

Team Alignment through Understanding, Promises and Agreements

A culture of alignment grows through three core social structures: understanding, promises and agreements. Creating alignment starts with the question “What matters as we work together?”

We help build  peer accountability, connection and a shared language to successfully navigate challenges on the team and start off on the right foot with any new project or initiative.

When Are Team Alignments Needed?

  • Building Culture
  • Improving Communication
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Working Smarter Not Harder
  • Making Better Decisions
  • Collaboration

What Can Team Alignment Deliver?

  • Create understanding around what matters to the team as they work together
  • Develop a first set of agreements to test out
  • Develop the ability to critique and modify their agreements in testing as needed
  • Grow a shared language around agreements to use in moments of conflict and tension
  • Use agreements in working together, hiring and bringing on new team members, and creating shared accountability
  • Alignment and trust are grown on the team, creating more time and energy for the team to stay focused on their dreams and goals