Strategic Planning


What it is:

When your team or organization is ready to plan for the future, we use a simple, powerful model called the Agile Canvas for Strategic Planning. The Canvas is an engaging and dynamic process organized in four conversations: Dreaming about what’s possible, Clarity about what’s uncertain, the Gifts of our talents and resources and what we’ll be Doing to achieve our strategic intentions.

How it’s different:

The Canvas’ consistent success is based on its ability to:

Accommodate any timeframe from 2-20 years, keeping everything real and responsive because it’s updated every 2 quarters
Include any number of stakeholders (the more diverse the better) in ways that inspire lasting buy-in, alignment and excitement for the future
Organize the plan into prioritized projects that engage the strengths of the organization
Focus on any dimension of the organization: structure, culture, branding and marketing, research and development, operations, capacity building and growth
Excel when facing organizational challenges, transitions and uncertainties because it is based in the unique power of questions

Why it matters:

Thriving organizations know that being strategic must be ongoing, rather than once in awhile. As uncertainty becomes the norm for all of us at work, our planning has to stay agile, realistic and meaningful, not just a binder on someone’s shelf. Our inclusive approach engages people in supporting what they help create, inviting people to turn dreams into focused action.

How it works:

Depending on the scope of planning and engagement, the process can take anywhere from a day to six months. We always start with a team work session that outlines the focus, success metrics, timelines, participation, communication and governance for the process. The outcome is a dynamic, ongoing plan that leverages social collaboration.

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