Strategic Doing

How we do it

Strategic planning works best when it is question-based, engaging, strengths-focused and agile.

We use a simple, powerful model called the Agile Canvas, organized in four conversations: Dreaming, Clarity, Gifts, Doing. The Canvas not only produces a strategic plan, but also new ways of working the plan called, “strategic doing.” The Canvas is a flexible process that can be easily learned and led by any team.

Why it’s important?

  • Align around direction and actions
  • Create a strategic plan for any length of time (2-5 yr, 10-20 yr, etc)
  • Prioritize strategic initiatives
  • Make strategic planning more inclusive
  • Discover agile ways to work together, implementing your plan
  • Collaborate across teams and silos

Strategic Alignment for the Next 50 Years

Client Story

Positioning itself for the next 50 years of providing innovative social enterprise job-training, civic engagement strategies and safety net services, the organization was at a crossroads in its identity and impact opportunities. Using the Agile Canvas process, we engaged dozens of stakeholders in creating coherent, compelling and engaging strategic initiatives. There is now more clarity of vision and alignment across programs than ever.

“Thrive At Work taught our team a new method of project management and Trello is still being used in virtually every project. The year they came and talked to the group I felt was the most organized our team meetings were.”

– Derek McDonald, University of Pittsburgh

From Static Plans to Real Time Strategic Doing

Client Story

This arts education non-profit knows what it means to pivot in programming around an evolving vision for its participants and partners. With a strategic plan that was challenging to implement, the Agile Canvas gave them a clear path of strategic doing and inspired by their impact narrative, the framework for a refreshed mission and vision.

“The main impact that you made was helping us use the tools you showed us to better understand and organize our workflow. It helped us to break down complicated systems into easier to manage steps. It also helped us with handing off projects to others.”

– Jesse Honsky – Instructor, Case Western Reserve University
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

People support the strategy they help create

Client Story

After the Business Department of the University invested in a strategic plan, its leaders realized the plan’s implementation success would require the engagement of all staff. Structured with the Agile Canvas, they are now experiencing engagement and momentum in their collaboratively designed strategic projects. They have a framework to make being strategic an ongoing and question-based rather than periodic and assumption-based.

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