Social Technology


What it is:

Social technology is a virtual space where people can share learning, ideas, resources, updates, collaborations, questions and feedback. We help teams and organizations build these spaces using any of the many platforms and apps that work best with their tech resources and requirements.

How it’s different:

Social technology replaces software people find not useful, email that prevents inclusion, access and transparency and wasteful meetings. It makes it possible for communication to be richer, more accessible and inclusive.

Why it matters:

It is our experience that teams can only build thriving cultures with social technology. Instant messaging, email and wasteful meetings constrain people’s ability to feel fully connected, free and valued. When teams thrive, people work with high levels of transparency, inclusion and initiative. People know what other people are working on, needing help with and getting done. People can take initiative on whatever needs to be done, drawing from their strengths and passions.

How it works:

We work with teams and leaders to organize all of their work and communication using the best free and affordable social technology tools, including some of our favorites:

Kanban boards like Asana, Trello, Workstreams
Group channel messaging and sharing like Slack
Shared document creation and sharing like Google Drive and Google +


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