Work Differently. We’ll Teach You How.

Strategy / Teaming / Learning / Leading

We teach our clients the “how” through unique programs and workshops, strengths-based coaching, subject matter expertise and flexible processes. Our proven methods have been used with organizations of all sizes and across industries.

Leadership Coaching

Learn what it takes to lead a thriving team leveraging who you are and what you have

There’s four things leaders and their teams need to become: relentless learners, agile and creative, purpose-driven, connecting and inclusive. Leaders have the important job of teaching their teams how. Our workshops and coaching help leaders develop their teams so they can connect with meaning in their work and find the focus they need to navigate their world where more is being demanded with less.

Strategic Doing

Create a shared future where strategy is inclusive, realistic and ongoing

Strategic planning works best when it is question-based, engaging, strengths- focused and agile. We use a simple, powerful model called the Agile Canvas to guide teams through the co-creation of a strategic plan and a way of implementing the plan called “strategic doing”. Teams feel inspired, empowered and energized to get it done.


Build a great culture that accelerates team performance and alignment

The way your team works together everyday is everything. In a trust-based culture people feel connected, valued and free to be their best. Our workshops get your team aligned around core values and beliefs to guide decision making, build habits of connecting conversations and productive feedback to support clear communication and learning and work by agreements instead of assumptions to navigate tensions with ease. Teams who do this work are more confident, committed and trust-worthy.

Learning on the Run

Keep up and get ahead while you work

Build a strong learning culture and environment, where people learn from and with one another in real time. We bring teams together to learn how to learn from each other, experience and experiments. Our workshops and coaching get individuals, teams and leaders building new skills and habits for everyday learning with a focus on mindsets, curiosity, shared learning, experiments, building habits and storytelling. When teams grow a learning culture, they embrace change, develop new ideas and innovations, attract the best people and retain them.

“The importance of focusing on strengths and not just weaknesses was something leaders here were already aware of. What Thrive brought to us that we didn’t have before was an ability to do this in a practical way and in our own language. How it showed up before was reading a Tom Rath book and having that book displayed on our desks. It now shows up in the way we work such as the delegation of things we are not strong in to other colleagues who are strong in those things.”

– Justin Colon, MetroHealth

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