Program Design


What it is:

We co-design with you any kinds of high-engagement programs including:

In-person and virtual workshops
Conference keynote sessions
Community education and convening events

How it’s different:

We design programs that are highly interactive, with people working in small and large groups, on questions that matter in their work. People come away with immediately actionable and applicable deliverables that focus on the intentions of the program. These can include new learning and habits, collaborative plans and project initiatives and new connections.

Why it matters:

When people are actively engaged they become smarter together. They have more access to shared knowledge and skills. When people create things together, they more likely support them. Shared learning is stickier. Engaged people grow their strengths more.

How it works:

We can design for any scope or scale of program. Leveraging the power of shared learning, connecting conversations, live collaborations and storytelling, we make any program as high engagement as possible, which giving people the information you want them to take away. Programs can scale to any number of participants and any kinds of agendas. They can be delivered by our team or through trained trainers.


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