Our Products


Strategic Planning

Keeping planning realistic, engaging, continuous and resilient with the Agile Canvas

Learning Strategy

Developing formal & social learning environments, cultures and communities

Culture Mapping

Creating a dynamic roadmap for growing the priority 82 habits of thriving team cultures

Team Foundations

Connecting the team Why, culture strategy, agreements and social technologies

Social Technology

Shared virtual spaces for work & learning sharing, transparency and peer accountability

Program Design

Designing and implementing any scale of organization change and development program


Experiential, research-based workshops on any priority team and leadership thriving habits

Leader Coaching

Question-based, outcome and time-focused coaching in how to grow thriving teams

Team Retreats

Off-site 1-2 day retreats to refresh the team's Why, alignments and connections together

DIY Learning Kits

Quick self-directed kits aimed at growing new habits through guides, videos and resources

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