Learning Strategy


What it is:

We go beyond systems, portals and courses. We design learning environments, cultures and experiences that engage your people in meaningful growth and move your organization to new levels of impact and innovation.

Why it matters:

Work moves fast. The steady acceleration of technology and globalization is changing the way we work and learn. It takes continuous growth of people to handle constant uncertainty and change. Keeping people engaged and at their best means companies must help people grow. New levels of performance happen because of new levels of growth and learning.

How it’s different:

Our approach shifts learning into an ongoing, shared experience where people can learn what they need when they need it by:

Creating learning strategies that engage the strengths of the organization
Making learning core to work and team and individual growth
Creating rich learning cultures and learning environments
Developing and launching learning communities of interest and practice
Integrating learning portals into dynamic learning communities
Developing custom programs that leverage multiple learning methods to grow connections and improve performance
Engaging people in learning experientially
Supporting formal and informal question based learning

How it works:

In our work together, we’ll consider learning systems, courses, social collaboration, live and virtual communities, experiences, habits and self-directed learning kits. We start with a team work session where we co-create the focus, success metrics, timelines, participation, communication and governance for the process. We’ll work together to build a set of strategies, processes and products that develop and connect rich learning environments with learning culture and communities.

Our Learning Design Capabilities

  Learning culture and environment assessment
  Strategic and culture design and plan facilitation
  Instructional learning and competency assessment design
  Social technology learning environment design
  Facilitating the use of social technology to build learning communities
  Course design and deployment project management
  Executive and leadership coaching
  Habit building work session facilitation
  Alignment of learning with larger organizational and team strategy and culture

●   Learning investment strategy facilitation

Our Products

Strategic Planning

Learning Strategy

Culture Mapping

Team Foundations

Social Technology

Program Design


Leader Coaching

Team Retreats

DIY Learning Kits