Learning Environment & Culture

How do we learn as we work? Create an environment and culture of learning  

In a strong learning culture and environment, people learn from and with one another in real time. When teams focus on growing a learning culture where leaders, experts, learners and connectors demonstrate habits of learning, they embrace change, develop new ideas and innovations, attract the best people and retain them.  They have a growth mindset, ask new questions, share ideas, connect each other to people and resources, give feedback, and tell stories.

When is the Learning Culture & Environment Used?

Being proactive about change and uncertainty
Invest training and learning resources more effectively
Increasing the speed of learning new skills & habits
Making it easier to find learning content
Seeking new levels of performance and making the numbers
Creating new levels of engagement in the organization

What Can the Learning Culture & Environment Deliver?

More accelerated individual and shared learning and development
Thriving in times of change and uncertainty
Greater performance velocities
Engaged experts who teach others
Peer to peer coaching and support
Easier to attract and retain the best and brightest people
Less knowledge and experience leaving the organization when people leave
More conscious competence

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