Leader Coaching


What it is:

Coaching gives leaders new learning to take their leadership practice to the next levels. We coach in any area of leadership related to building thriving teams and team cultures.

How it’s different:

Our coaching for leaders focuses specifically on how they can help their teams reach new levels of performance and loyalty through more thriving cultures where people feel optimally connected, free and valued. We work from the leader’s passions, strengths and learning questions. It’s uniquely time and outcome limited,

Why it matters:

Leadership is a craft and as such develops with a variety of learning sources and approaches. Coaching is one of the vital ways for leaders to develop new mindsets and skillsets in short periods of concentrated efforts. Leaders gain unique and valuable questions, insights and feedback that accelerates their learning, especially when leaders are experiencing or anticipating new levels of leadership challenge or opportunities.

How it works:

We coach individual leaders and small groups of leaders. Sessions last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, in person or virtually, or a blend. We begin with identifying leader strengths and Why, in ways that support a leadership learning Canvas that organizes the process. We use Trello and Asana boards to capture, organize and update our work in the process.

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