Leadership Coaching

How we do it

  • Our Leadership Programs and Training and teach leaders how to help their teams become Relentless Learners, Agile and Innovative, Purpose-Driven, and Connecting and Inclusive
  • Workshops on storytelling, conversations and meetings, forming agreements, using strengths, building trust, creating engagement and more
  • Senior leadership retreats focused on team direction, culture and alignment
  • “Beyond Purpose” leadership retreats and coaching packages to help leaders identify and connect with their core contribution in their work and beyond

Why it’s important?

  • Develop new leadership skills and habits
  • Build and rebuild teams
  • Lead teams in transition and challenge
  • Align leaders to each other and the organization
  • Create more opportunities to grow

Transforming Culture One Leader at a Time Around the Globe

Client Story

In their commitment to culture transformation, this global manufacturing Fortune 200 company needed to develop leaders specifically so they can inspire and support this transformation. We provided innovative workshop design and executive storytelling coaching to make each aspect of learning science-based and context-relevant, leveraging the existing constellations of leader strengths.

“The importance of focusing on strengths and not just weaknesses was something leaders here were already aware of. What Thrive brought to us that we didn’t have before was an ability to do this in a practical way and in our own language. How it showed up before was reading a Tom Rath book and having that book displayed on our desks. It now shows up in the way we work such as the delegation of things we are not strong in to other colleagues who are strong in those things.”

– Justin Colon, MetroHealth

Leveraging in the Inner Game of Growth

Client Story

Creating consistency in culture and performance across a network of independent companies is a challenge for this national talent company. We worked with them to create a strong culture of learning habits that support performance alignment in the business lines that impact their profitability and growth.

Kick Starting a Culture of Innovation

Client Story

This commercial construction product company is committed to innovation across all dimensions of its business. This commitment only translates into action when people have the right habits to support it. In focused worksessions with US employees and leaders, we unleashed progress towards new levels of innovation.

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