Jack Ricchiuto


In my late twenties I had the good fortune to have mentors who were practice leaders in what was then called the Human Potentials Movement. They inspired me to help organizations and communities realize their potential in ways they never imagined. It became clear this was the core gift that would shape the past 40 years.

This work continues to be inspired by my global practice in dozens of industries, distilled through 22 books. My latest books and daily blog launched in August 2002 are available at JackZen.com. I continue to support writers and authors to bring the brilliance of their voices to a world seeking a more expansive consciousness.

I’ve been honored to work with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500’s, aboriginal tribal leaders and executive teams, scientists and educators, organic farmers and tech innovators, funders and investors, nonprofits and grass roots groups, government leaders and doctors, designers and innovators. I’ve taught graduate and post-grad students at Kent State University, Harvard Kennedy School and UC Berkeley.

The power of the work is in the passion people have for creating a sense of connection, agency and dreaming as never before. I bring to it my own passion as master storyteller, engagement innovator and teacher. I now have joy as part of the Thrive At Work Team where the magic is boundless and the creativity profound.