Jack Ricchiuto


I am a coach, designer and writer interested in our relationship to the future. This interest inspires my work in team performance design and coaching, leadership development, network weaving, community building and realizing our personal potential.

My work began in the late 1970s, inspired by my mentors who were leaders in the human potentials movement. Since then I have enjoyed a global practice, writing and teaching that has shaped my work across 24 industries with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s, aboriginal tribal leaders and executive teams, scientists and educators, organic farmers and tech innovators, funders and investors, nonprofits and grass roots groups, government leaders and doctors, designers and innovators.

Authoring 23 books with two in the works, I have written for business publications and continue my daily blog launched in 2002. With a graduate degree in psychology from Goddard College in Vermont, I have taught in the areas of storytelling at Harvard Kennedy School, research branding at UC Berkeley and executive leadership at Kent State University. I am co-founder and partner with Thrive At Work.