Essential Power

What are our strengths?
Essential Power: Connecting your gifts to accelerate your performance

A key metric of thriving teams is their ability to know and use their strengths. Through guided story sharing of past experiences, we’ll help your team identify powerful personal strengths that engage and support everyone’s ability to contribute their best work. Sharing and connecting strengths ignites untapped team potential and connects people together in new ways while building essential skills like empathy.

When is Essential Power Important?

  • Team members need to connect
  • Starting new  projects or work together
  • Building and repairing team trust
  • Create a deeper sense of belonging
  • Support individual and team learning

What Can Essential Power Deliver?

  • Increase in team support and collaboration
  • Shifting from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation
  • Leverage untapped individual and team potential
  • More courage and initiative taking
  • Making weaknesses and deficiencies less relevant
  • More focused contributions from team members