The first forty years of my professional career was devoted to public education. I have been a teacher, coach, principal at all grade levels, and superintendent. My passion is developing leaders who inspire, connect and engage people in the task of creating growth environments in the field of education. For 35 years, I have supported leadership development for individuals, groups, teams, buildings, and organizations. I have mentored lead teachers, department heads, principals, central office directors, superintendents, charter school CEO’s and board members to become agents for growth and change.

My philosophy of leadership espouses the symbiotic relationship between an organization’s success and the intentionally planned growth of its members. The significant improvement of accountability measurements for each school and school district where I served in a leadership role attests to the efficacy of this belief. Further, the ongoing performance of these schools and districts is a confirmation of its long-term sustainability.

My formal education includes over 100 credit hours beyond the Masters Degree. Specialized training includes: National Superintendents Leadership Institute at Harvard University; National Superintendents Institute at Columbia University; National Superintendents’ Academy at the Ohio State University; Ohio School Leadership Institute (19th Cohort); Baldridge – Quality Tools Training; North Central Association / CASI – Ambassador for School Improvement; American Association of School Administrators – Strategic Planning; Ohio Department of Education – Administrative Leadership Academy;  Stephen Covey – Leadership Training; Buckeye Association of School Administrators – Levy Campaign Strategies.

Growth includes finding balance. I pursue this through biking, hiking, rowing, tennis, golf, yoga, weight training, reading, traveling, occasionally skiing, reflection, serving on a nonprofit board of directors, and being with family (and pets).