DIY Learning Kits


What it is:

Kits are quick online bundles of learning created and updated by subject matter and practice experts. Each can include videos, checklists, tips, try-its, storytelling, worksheets and resource links. They are typically 10-20 minute small bites of immediately applicable learning that takes people beyond what formal courses provide.

How it’s different:

People can use a kit for quick, just in time learning. They are less formal than courses and can easily be updated by their creators. Ideally, they are designed for people learning together in pairs. Paired learning leads to stickier learning, especially in habit building.

Why it matters:

Kits are ideal when people don’t have time to take a course and want a short structured experience of learning beyond what social sharing might offer in a collaborative learning space and can be build in direct response to the emergence of new learning questions posted in shared learning community spaces.

How it works:

Kits engage new learning in new habits, structured in 5 parts:

The what: what strengths the new habits will engageThe why: the benefits of the habitThe how: the elements and steps in the habitsThe when: the more common use contextsThe feedback: what tells us we’re getting better

Kits typically include:

Practical user guides
Instructive videos
The science and research behind the learning
Learning articles and resources
Timed follow-up reinforcement calls and materials
Integration into social learning environments


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