Custom Design

How do we create something awesome for the team?
Custom programs, retreats and experiences for your people

Thriving teams need time together away from the day to day. We work with you to design energizing and productive workshops, retreats and events. Our design, style and facilitation leave people feeling connected, excited and focused. From experiences that center around  storytelling and shared conversations, to cooking and creativity to dreaming and learning, we’ll design something special for your team.

When is Custom Design Needed?

  • Retreats and leadership programs
  • New team launches and transitions
  • Team engagement and  learning
  • Using existing or new technology
  • Team appreciation and celebration
  • New approaches to your work together
  • For something fun and energizing before, during or after training 
  • Better collaboration and sense making

What can custom design deliver?

  • Deeper personal connections among team members that builds the velocity of your work
  • Hands on experiences that bring to life new learning
  • Refreshed energy
  • Fresh perspective, new learning, strategies and tools
  • Renewed passion
  • Connecting the dots in the context of the work you do