Culture Mapping

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What it is:

Shifting culture starts with habits. Thrive Mapping identifies the highest priority habits that can build thriving team and organizational cultures. With an online survey, people assess how well they and their team are showing up within habits of thriving cultures. All of the habits fit into the “ecology” of thriving at work: belonging, learning, purpose, courage and energy.

Why it matters:

Habits create real, lasting change at work. Habits are the small, everyday behaviors that help us move toward bigger goals and make bigger change possible and sustainable. If you and your team want to change, develop or shift how you interact and perform at work, it will happen because you grow habits to support that. Performance and growth comes down to action. When we work daily on the level of action, we can produce the new levels of outcomes and structures that last.

How it’s different:

Typical culture assessments measure how well the organization is doing to engage its people using extrinsic outcomes. We assess the root cause habits of people, teams and leaders that drive their intrinsic ability to do their best. Thrive mapping:

Builds awareness of what a thriving culture is
Identifies which habits of thriving culture show up most often for individuals and teams
Identifies which habits of thriving culture individuals and teams are most ready to grow and develop
Develops priorities and roadmap for leveraging strengths and growing new habits
Develops a baseline of habits and performance metrics to measure at regular intervals as individual and collective behaviors change over time.

How it works:

Based on the results of an online survey of the habits everyone takes we create a roadmap to plan where to begin building on strengths to grow the highest priority habits. This includes a 2-hour debrief and prioritization planning session where we choose which habit-based interventions to grow thriving team cultures: storytelling, new learning, leadership coaching or team agreements.

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