Coaching for leaders committed to growing their teams

Our coaching is designed for leaders who want to take their teams to the next level of performance and loyalty. Our coaching helps leaders learn how to support and facilitate new connections and collaborations on their teams. Our coaching services are action-focused, question based and time-specific. Our sessions are customized to fit your goals. As a part of our coaching services, you get access to the expertise and experience of the entire Thrive At Work Team.

When is Coaching Used?

Have a supportive and effective guide to work through your unique challenges, transitions and new ideas
Grow your skills as a leader
Lead more productive conversations and meetings
Foster more team collaboration and learning
Support more nimble and agile approaches to planning and work
Build confidence in decision making

What can coaching deliver?

Higher levels of courage, empathy, confidence and humility as a leader
New habits of creating a thriving team culture
Increased ability to learn in work and from your experience
Greater self-awareness and ability to get and use real-time feedback
Better balance of being proactive and responsive as a leader
Strengths in coaching and facilitation
Increase in your ability to successfully navigate challenges

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